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HofH’s sleek collection brings rocker edge to luxe pieces for all.  Their clothes travel between rocker edge and upscale metropolitan with ease.
What sets the line apart is the impeccable craftsmanship used in each design. The clothes don't sacrifice quality, durability, or comfort.  The result is an ambitious discovery of luxury and whimsy, all with classic appeal.  

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Velma Short Sleeve Blazer
Mason Track Bomber
Sillin Inc. Audrey $ 108.00
Chase Black Denim Trouser
Stanley Knit Top

Latest articles

In the press: Phoenix New Times Article

In the press:  Phoenix New Times Article
House of Holmes was recently featured in an article from the Phoenix New Times. December was a huge month for the fashion industry in Arizona. The launch and opening of F.A.B.R.I.C., a three story, one stop shop for clothing production was born. F.A.B.R.I.C. is an acronym for Fashion And Business Resource Innovation Center....

House of Holmes Live on EVINE.

House of Holmes Live on EVINE.
On Friday November 4, 2016 Tabitha Holmes was live on EVINE representing House of Holmes. HOFH was among the four collections selected as Designers of the Year from Phoenix Fashion Week. Tabitha was honored to be among the other three ambitious designers; Azmara Asefa, Hues of Ego, and ARAE. What...

Edwin Humberto Sanchez.

Edwin Humberto Sanchez.
We loved seeing the hopelessly dreamy Edwin Humberto Sanchez model Sillin live at the MonOrchid October 9, 2016. The sizzling fashion forward look Edwin is rocking can be stolen for your own wardrobe: Roger Ponte Track Jacket, The Liam Sweater, and the Chase Black Denim Trouser. You can follow Mr. Sanchez and his...

Sale Products

On sale
Karen Knit Top
Sillin Inc. Karen Knit Top $ 15.00 $ 88.00
On sale
Jose Woven Shirt
Sillin Inc. Jose Woven Shirt $ 48.00 $ 108.00
On sale
Kent Knit Top
Sillin Inc. Kent Knit Top $ 38.00 $ 108.00
On sale
Caleb Woven Shirt
Sillin Inc. Caleb Woven Shirt $ 48.00 $ 128.00
On sale
Milton Woven Shirt
Sillin Inc. Milton Woven Shirt $ 68.00 $ 108.00
On sale
James Sweater
Sillin Inc. James Sweater $ 48.00 $ 128.00
On sale
Vincent Jacket
Sillin Inc. Vincent Jacket $ 78.00 $ 228.00
On sale
Iman Mini Skirt
Sillin Inc. Iman Mini Skirt $ 48.00 $ 128.00
On sale
Darla Shimmer Leggings
On sale
Kate Pants
Sillin Inc. Kate Pants $ 68.00 $ 168.00
On sale
Tina Dress
Sillin Inc. Tina Dress $ 32.00 $ 118.00
On sale
Alice Jacket
Sillin Inc. Alice Jacket $ 98.00 $ 398.00
On sale
Andrea Woven Top
Sillin Inc. Andrea Woven Top $ 18.00 $ 118.00
On sale
Devan Legging
Sillin Inc. Devan Legging $ 32.00 $ 98.00
On sale
Scooby Woven Shirt
Sillin Inc. Scooby Woven Shirt $ 48.00 $ 138.00
On sale
Candon Vegan Leather Top

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